Emanuel Warja Martin Noren Jonas Karlsson Emil Karlsson Robin Svedman
Ancient History

The foundation of Admonish was laid in 1994 when Emanuel began jamming with friend Marcus. In 1995 the band started taking solid form with Emanuel on guitar & vocals and Samuel on keyboard & vocals. Then Mattias joined on bass and Per on drums. The name Admonish was adopted. In 1997 the first Admonish official website was released upon the earth and Admonish began to get a reputation underground, but not all positive, there was even an anti-Admonish website. The band was anxious to record a demo, but vocalist Samuel had left the band and after Per moved from drums to guitar, a new drummer was also needed. Andre joined the band on drums, but soon left. The band then consisted of Emanuel (guitar & vocals), Per (guitar), Mattias (bass) and mr Drum Machine. Autumn 1998 they were joined by Joakim (keyboard) and Martin (vocals). When Robin (ex-Obsecration) joined on drums in early 1999, the band was finally a six-piece and plans were made to record the long overdue demo. However, the plans never materialized. Summer 1999 Joakim moved out of town and left the band. Commitments outside the band for other band members made band practice scarce and it was finally decided to take a break.

Modern History

For a few years there was talk of a reunion and late 2002 things started to happen. Per had moved to the south of Sweden and joined Robin's old Obsecration bandmates in Crimson Moonlight, while Mattias had moved in another musical direction, but Emanuel, Martin and Robin remained in the band. They were joined by Joel on guitar and in 2003 by Jonas (ex-Taketh) on bass. New material was written and old material was dusted off and refreshed. Admonish was booked to play its first gig after the reunion at Luccemetal '03. A few keyboard players had played with the band after the reunion, but being unable to find one that would perform live with them, Admonish decided to go ahead without a keyboard player. Things were looking good, but about a month before the gig Joel decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Guitarist Samuel was brought in for Luccemetal. The gig went well overall and Admonish had once again been unleashed on the Swedish metal scene! After the reunion gig, Jonas's brother Emil (also ex-Taketh) joined to take the vacant guitarist spot, completing the current line-up with Martin on vocals, Emanuel on guitars & vocals, Emil on guitars, Jonas on bass and Robin on drums. With this line-up, Admonish finally entered studio in January 2005. The long anticipated EP was released on 11 April 2005 at Club 666 in Stockholm, under the name of Den Yttersta Tiden.